amazing-trading Practical Sticky Mosquito Door Window screen Mesh & Tape happu-store

amazing-trading Practical Sticky Mosquito Door Window screen Mesh & Tape happu-store

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Screen Protector Spiders, Mosquitoes, flies, Door Window Mesh Net
The fly screen will allow fresh air in while keeping out flies, wasps, bees and mosquitoes. It is suitable for use on windows in the home or office with the window mesh. The window net is ideal for kitchens, bedrooms and conservatories.


With sticky tape on the back

Easy to fit and remove
Leave your windows open enjoy fresh cooler air
Don't worry about Spiders, Moths, Mosquitoes, flies, wasps, bugs etc
You simply cut & put our CLEAR tape on the edges of your window frame
Color: white
Size: 155cm x 130cm
Tape length: About 550cm
With sticky tape on the back
Keeps insects out and allows fresh air in
Mesh is easily usable, removable and washable Can be cut to your size
With self-adhesive sticky tape on the back
Black net, transparent when fitted

Easy to fit. I had no problems as others stated with the sticky Velcro falling off? Mine stuck on fine and is solidly on even in the bathroom where there is a lot of steam so maybe they have changed the design a bit since those reviews? Anyway - once cut to size - leave a bit of slack as then I have found I can open and shut window fine with it on all the time ie its a small bathroom window. Since putting on I can leave the window open all time now and no moths can get in so it does the job I bought it for and I am happy with the purchase.
By Ukjon 18 August 2016
I wanted some of this because in hot muggy weather I like to keep my windows open at night, but usually can't because of the moths coming in. I spent several hours, on our 2 large living room windows, fitting these nets, and was very pleased with the result... Until, only hours later, they started falling off. It wasn't the netting, that is ideal, nice and fine but fresh air was allowed to come through. It was the velcro. It seem to stick well at first but because it gets muggy when it gets hot now, I think the moisture unstuck it. But, it was the velcro itself aswell. Even though I spent ages pressing the net into it, there were places where it just let go. So, I had to take them down. Back to the drawing board.
By anji 18 September 2016
The tape does not adhere to the pvc frame, even cleaned the frame to give it the best chance, so cannot use the product in the way , took about 2 weeks to arrive, I would say find an alternative
By Beej 8 September 2016
This is good for keeping flying insects out of the room when you need the window open.
I have been looking for something like this for a long time and am pleased with this.
By Anapprentice 10 October 2015
I was originally going to give this 3 1/2 stars, just because the sticky strip did not hold as well at first, but later on, it worked fine and has been keeping the moths and other little creatures outside. 4 stars.
By Wool 24 July 2016
Arrived yesterday finally ... BUT dont stick very well and i have to keep pushing on the velcro because it keeps unsticking itself ... so have got to get some better velcro strips ... wider this time
Wont be getting these again
By Missy 6 August 2016
Cannot recommend. The strips fall off the window and the holes in the nets are too big, so insects get through them. We replaced ours with a net curtain and some resealable tape.
By LoveLabradors 12 August 2016
Ive got a dog so these are great for keeping flies and beasties oot, the dogs supper often sits for 15/30 minutes before she eats and the flies can smell it a mile awa
By miss krinkle 26 September 2016